Making connections between/among texts and ideas

…or other stuff that relates directly or peripherally to texts and conversations we’ve had so far…

How the contemporary structure of (high school + college) debate reflects larger social, racial, and economic issues (among other things, consider how the sped-up argumentation reflects neoliberal deregulation in favor of maximized profits (metaphorically) or the speeding up of productivity in a profit-driven/growth model economy… and how the response to this with a different model focused on quality and identity creates a new paradigm outside of the given/expected structure)…



  1. denial, rhetoric, money, politics:


renewable energy boom:


UMich Engineering:

From the Edge of the Arctic:

on geoengineering:

Climate Fiction


Klein speaking at UM An Arbor fall 2015:

Klein on austerity:


Documentaries (climate, economy, global food supply)

Disruption (Klein’s documentary to supplement This Changes Everything)

This Changes Everything Documentary

An Inconvenient Truth


Food, Inc.

Manufactured Landscapes

The Corporation

Inequality for All

Capitalism: A Love Story

the Koch brothers:;

a documentary with hope for greater potential for human kind: I Am (by Tom Shadayak)

Plastic Paradise: The Great Pacific Garbage Patch. Dir. Angela Sun. 2013 You Tube

Texts/sources on economic inequality:

Thomas Picketty

Robert Reich


Economy, etc.

Political Climate and Social Change

a really interesting analysis


On (corporatization of ) Media


On (Privitization of) Education, Issues in Higher Ed, etc.

college tuition/instructor inequality

working poor:

corporatization of higher ed :


“hypereducated poor”

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