April 5

Final Paper draft due on canvas and hard copy in class


April 7

Klein chapters 10, 13, conclusion; in class quiz on these chapters. Bring your computer with you.

Respond to questions in Discussions. Expand and post your response to your blog (3-5 paragraphs, by Fri 5pm)


April 12

Final Paper draft due on canvas and hard copy (print it) in class. Bring your computer with you.


April 14

No Class: work on final portfolio projects

Making Pages in WordPress to organize, plan and design layout, etc.

My Sites— Pages add (create titles for pages you want on your site, you can edit and fill in content later; eg: home, about me, Blog Reflections, intro, examples, conclusion… or other titles for pages)

Sub-pages: You can also make sub-pages by creating pages/titles for pages and then choosing Page Options — Parent Page (create the subpage, click Page Options, choose which big page you want it to fall under)

Customize– Static Front Page– choose Front Page ; choose Posts Page (eg. you can choose Blog Reflections to be your Posts Page and your Home page that you have created in Pages as your Home/front page)

Use Customize to change color, font, static site images, background design, etc…

Use Menus after you’ve created pages to reorder and move things around (optional, Menus gets a little confusing so play around if you like but you can do a lot without going into here..

*You can google for help to find out how to do things in WordPress. Often it’s easier to google your WordPress questions instead of trying to find answers within WordPress help… it’s a little faster.

*see examples of other student portfolios here: https://jilldarling.com/teaching/student-portfolios-and-class-sites-online/


April 19 

e-portfolio workshop and presentations; bring your computer with you.

course evaluations in class

Sign up to come talk to me about your projects or other questions. Office hours available Tue 4/19 and Wed 4/20:  Sign up here 

*Make sure to revise your paper according to comments from workshop groups (drafts 1 and 2) and from me (in Canvas). Also, finalize your bibliography in MLA format (you may not be able to indent on the portfolio site but make sure to use the format correctly otherwise; you can me a separate page for the bib. if you like). And revise the reflection that you wrote at the end of the 2nd draft to reflect the rest of the process (writing/revising/constructing the portfolio) and any other reflections on your work over the semester, etc.

April 22

Final project due by 5pm; make sure you have gone through the checklist (in Canvas Files) to include, design, organize all of the material.