Feb 2

Rhetoric in contemporary culture con’t

Canvas assignment: write about 1-2 examples of Rhetoric in contemporary culture that you found or that we discussed in class in relation to something from Leith. What is the relevance, importance of this example for us as critical readers, thinkers, and citizens in our contemporary world? 2-3 paragraphs.


Feb 4

Read 2 PDFs: Rhetoric and What is Popular Culture and write (and bring) 2-3 sentences/examples about cultural messages and how we can read/analyze these in popular culture.

Rankine (PDF): Pushing Form in contemporary culture/essay writing further; How does Rankine use form (rhetorical strategies) in unique ways to get a message(s) across?

In-class writing, come prepared to write and discuss the essay.

*Summary-Analysis Workshop bring a hard copy to share: see assignment sheet in Canvas Files.


Feb 9

Visit Library room 1212 to discuss research and finding sources.


Feb 11

Rankine con’t

Canvas homework (see Canvas Assignments) due by 3pm the day before before class: continue the previous in-class writing to think about the relationship(s) between rhetoric, cultural messages, and race in our contemporary culture (and in relation to history?). Specifically, how does rhetoric/language/presentation affect how messages/cultural values and ideas are perpetuated or challenged?

*Summary-Analysis Paper Due on Canvas


Feb 16

Rankine con’t

Read the articles and watch the videos (watch 15 min-1hour of the Katrina videos before watching the Beyonce video and reading the articles about the Superbowl performance.

Rankine on Serena Williams in NYTimes Magazine article

Watch the first 15 min of this video on Katrina: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4Fhc0oWxF1Q and part 1 of When the Levees Broke https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=12xj1sHvIWA

Beyonce superbowl performance:

Superbowl show video (fast forward to Beyonce) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=L_Hgh7sPDLM

Music video of Formation: (watch from the link inside the MS. magazine article below)

Two articles analyzing cultural relevance and impact of song, performance, video:




Write: 1-2 paragraphs responding to 2-3 of the examples here, reflect and interpret what kinds of things you see happening here, bring to class to share.




Feb 18

Coates: read the first section (p3-71) and come prepared to discuss specific passages and topics…

Add to the writing you did for Tue with 1-2 more paragraphs on Coates (be specific) and come prepared to share/discuss.



No class meeting today.

Blog Reflection 2 Due online by 1pm: Take the writing from last week on Rankine, Williams, Beyonce, Coates, etc. and revise this into a 4-5 paragraph reflection paper. Focus on a few themes or examples and then discuss, reflect, include quotes, reference other cultural or textual examples, etc… Post this on your blog and then post the URL in Canvas Assignments.


Feb 25

Coates: Read section II and come prepared to write about discuss specific passages from the text.