Jan 7

Introduction, course policies

Loeb, social engagement and activism


Jan 12

Read, take notes, come prepared to discuss:

Loeb (handout from class, from Soul of  Citizen)

Kozol, Edelman, Walker (PDF Canvas)

Canvas homework (see Canvas Assignments) due by 3pm the day before before class



Jan 14

come prepared to discuss:

Edelman: what are some of her suggestions for the future, and why does she make these in particular? Why do Edelman and Kozol focus on children as opposed to some other group in society? What does this do for us as readers of their texts?

Walker (PDF from 1/12) and MLK(link below): bring some notes on these as texts including discussion of structure, organization, argument; how each uses language in particular ways; rhetorical elements (eg. how does each get her/his points across through the writing and presentation, specific examples?)

MLK, “Letter from Birmingham Jail” (see link online)




Jan 19

Bryson, from the Mother Tongue (PDF in Canvas Files)

Summary Assignment Workshop in class: see assignment in Canvas Files and bring a draft on paper (typed and printed) to class. You can use any of the texts we’ve read so far as the focus of your summary.

Canvas homework (see Canvas Assignments) due by 3pm the day before before class: list 3 examples from Bryson and briefly explain why you found those interesting or intriguing…


Jan 21

Leith (Book: Words Like Loaded Pistols): read and come prepared to discuss specific points and passages from the text (chapters: Intro; Rhetoric Then and Now; The 1st Part Invention; Deliberative MLK jr.)

Blog Reflection 1 Due online



setting up a blog and posting: 

  1. set up a blog: wordpress or blogger; links to instructions:

wordpress: https://wordpress.com/ (and start a blog) (make sure to choose a free layout and say no to any questions that ask you if you want to pay for service; just use the free blog service)


blogger: https://support.google.com/blogger/answer/1623800?hl=en

2. create a static front page with a welcome note and a posts page for posting responses (see instructions:

wordpress:  https://codex.wordpress.org/Creating_a_Static_Front_Page

blogger: http://www.bloggertipspro.com/2012/06/creating-blogger-static-home-page.html

Then… post as a post (not on the static front page) Blog Reflection 1: Write about 2-3 connections you see, from any of the readings so far, between points, examples, philosophies, or etc. Use quotes, your own interpretation, and personal reflection. Think deeply to go beyond simple summary and surface-level agree/disagree/generalized responding. Write 3-4 comprehensive paragraphs.


Jan 26

Leith to p 117

Summary Assignment Due on Canvas


Jan 28

Leith: Style 119-136, Memory: 147-162, Delivery 179-190, oratory 195-262

Canvas homework (see Canvas Assignments) due by 3pm the day before before class: expand what you wrote in class What is Rhetoric to 3-4 paragraphs, discuss in greater depth and include 1-2 more examples from the whole book.

bring an example of rhetoric in pop/contemporary culture in the form of video (eg. you tube), article, artifact