March 1

No Class Winter Break


March 3

No Class Winter Break


March 8

Continue discussion of Coates sections 1-2

Canvas homework (see Canvas Assignments) due by 3pm the day before before class: Pull out one or two quotes from Coates and relate this to something currently in the news. Be specific, discuss, reflect, and explain how you see these as connected. Write 1-2 comprehensive paragraphs.

Post links to articles in Canvas Pages in relation to the Flint Crisis, the prison system or something related. Come prepared to share and discuss something that you’ve posted or written about.


March 10

Coates section 3: bring a quote to share and discuss

Continue discussion of articles posted from Tue

In-class writing



March 15

Bring Coates and group notes on Flint Crisis back on Tue to continue discussion.

Klein (book) chapters 1-3

Canvas homework (see Canvas Assignments) due by 3pm the day before before class: Post one quote from each chapter that seems to say a lot about her main idea and discuss/reflect on each in 3-4 sentences.

See Final Paper Assignment Sheet in Canvas Files and bring 1-2 paragraphs that you have written about 1, or a few, ideas you might like to write about in this final paper.


March 17

Blog Response 3: Write a bit about Coates’ ideas in relation to the response essays (see Happenings Page post on Coates) including quotes from the responses and Coates’ chapter 3. Discuss the relationship between the individual and society particularly in terms of social, environmental, economic, political, and/or racial systems… and /or etc (you don’t have to do all of this, but use this idea of the systemic/structural as a starting point and including some specific points and examples in your post). Write 2-3 paragraphs. Link url in Canvas Assignments.

Klein con’t chapters 1-3: go back through if you read quickly the first time, come with reflections on points and ideas presented in the text; in-class writing.


Bring your Final Project idea writing to share/discuss. See Final Project Assignment sheet in Canvas Files.



**Fri., March 18 upload revision of Summary Analysis to Canvas by 5pm; talk to me if you have questions about whether or not, and how, to revise.


March 22

*Mind Map and Final Project Proposal due on Canvas and in-class: See Assignment Sheet for these and for the Final Project in Canvas Files.

Read through the project assignment sheet, and then create a mind map for a topic, experience, or idea you want to write about. What is the idea and why are you interested in that? See the additional questions in the Mind Map Assignment to help you generate ideas.

Klein chapters 3-6; in-class writing (consider the following questions and bring some responses with  you to class after reading chapters 3-6:

Groups: define and discuss: neoliberalism, global trade, privitization, logic of austerity, natural and unnatural disasters, populism, public

Klein chapters 3-6; in-class writing: Write about the concept of Public. Where does this come from and what theoretical frameworks can we use to understand what the public means? How has the concept changed? How does the economic structure and the climate movement take race and class into consideration? What is the role of labor in the transition to clean energy jobs? What are some battles that have brought labor with community groups together around sustainability issues? What are some barriers that impede these groups from working together? How is extractivism a kind of system logic found in imperialism, colonialism, development and modernization? How might we critique this kind of logic from race, class, feminist, sustainability perspectives?

Include page #s and passages from Klein.


March 24

Klein con’t


March 29

Klein chapters 6-9; in-class writing

*Annotated Bibliography due on Canvas and hard copy in class

Consider the following questions and bring your own responses and page #s with passages that address these or related issues:

How does environmental justice provide a different frame for understanding climate issues? Why/how is it important to consider public sector infrastructure, green groups, unions, civil rights groups, and others in the transition to climate consciousness and action? What does it  mean when capitalism and only capitalism can save the world from crisis? Do we believe more in technology than in our own power to change? Why/how? What is geoengineering and how is it being considered? If failure of foresight is also part of a failure to plan for the future, is this part of a social dilemma? How much do we focus on individual vs. collective in planning and thinking forward? What is the relationship between collective survival and democracy? What are the most significant achievements of grassroots environmental activism? What is the relationship between grassroots organizing, movement building, and policy work? What is the “culture of ethical failure”?


This Changes Everything Documentary isn’t available for free, but you might find it via a library or free if you have Amazon Prime for videos.


March 31

*Blog Response 4: Write about 2-3 points made by Klein so far and discuss these in relation to any texts we’ve read or ideas discussed this semester. Consider the questions listed under 3/22 & 3/29 above. Include your personal reflection, interpretation, analysis, thoughts, feelings on any of these. Write 3-4 paragraphs. Post the URL in Canvas Assignments.